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MK Parce’s Mind Body Fitness in Eagle, ID–Pilates, Yoga, and TRX!

sun-flared building exterior of MindBody Fitness in Eagle, Idaho

Steve and I photographed the Mind Body Fitness studio; a beautiful Pilates, Yoga, Barre and TRX Core Training studio located at 1259 E. Winding Creek, in Eagle, Idaho.

This studio is not your mainstream workout facility.

Our client Randy Thaemert of Randy Thaemert Design shared his vision of the Mind Body Fitness studio as follows:

“Mind Body Fitness is much more than a ‘yoga studio’.  Mary Kay Parce and her team aren’t interested in creating bodies optimized to look their best in “selfies”, or to win the latest inches lost contest.  MK — she goes by MK — is much more interested in creating, nurturing, and maintaining holistically whole humans that are significant in the world in which they live.”

And Randy’s goal for the Mind Body Fitness website he is creating is to “create a virtual go-to space for inspiration, rejuvenation, and coaching — accessible 24/7 from a client’s living room in Eagle, or an airport lobby in Shanhai.  When a client needs a boost, Mind Body Fitness Online door is always open.  Nurturing and maintaining a client’s well-being is a 24-hour-a-day endeavor.”

The task that was given us was to capture the concepts that collectively form the ethos of Mind Body Fitness as well as the environment and activities.

bamboo leaves backlit in fitness facility

“Hope” rock in bathroom sink at Mind Body Fitness

Mary Kay (MK) Parce leads a guided meditation.




These photographs were taken of actual classes.  Nothing was staged.

We hope you can get a sense from these pictures what a beautiful facility this is, and what a wonderful, supportive group of people come to gather, share and experience health and fitness.

First Photo Shoot for Ballet Idaho’s 2014/2015 Season

Steve Smith Photography conducted the first photo shoot for Ballet Idaho‘s 2014/2015 Season.  The theme was “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”.

Artistic Director, Peter Anastos requested Steve and I find a “forest” setting for the shoot.  Our options were a bit limited; it being the very beginning of Spring in Boise and the trees were just beginning to bud.  But the Idaho Shakespeare grounds provided us with a very workable backdrop.  We had a perfect day for an outdoor shoot with 70 degree temperatures and a light cloud cover.

Principal dancer, Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti, and company dancers Daniel Ojeda and Jake Casey were those being showcased.

We erected a changing tent and a makeshift make-up station in the parking lot.

There I did my best to work some magic to”dirty up” Daniel’s look who was portraying the character ,”Puck”.

For the record, Phyllis gets all the credit for her hair and makeup, having arrived ready to go.

Kim Kaine, Marketing Director for the Ballet provided another set of helping hands.

Peter Anastos provided artistic direction.

Here are a few of our favorites from the shoot.

Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti as Titania.

Daniel Ojeda as Puck.

Jake Casey as King Oberon.

As always, we thoroughly enjoyed shooting the dancers.  They have consistently given us their all every time.  We so appreciate them and the opportunity to photograph them.

If you haven’t been to a Ballet Idaho performance recently, we highly encourage you to do so.  This company’s talent has grown exponentially in the past few years and they are really wonderful!  Their next performance will be Alice in Wonderland on April 11 & 12th, 2014 at the Morrison Center.

Bittercreek Alehouse’s New Photo Wall

Bittercreek Alehouse and Red Feather Restaurants have undergone a facelift.  Part of the remodel at Bittercreek  includes a pretty impressive new photo wall.  Co-owner, and creative director, Kevin Kelpe’s vision for the wall encompasses the restaurant’s philosophy of buying local, practicing sustainability and supporting others who do the same.  The images highlight some of the people and businesses that supply the restaurant, as well as the community, with noteworthy products and services.

The photo wall at Bittercreek Alehouse

When Kevin asked Steve and I if we would be interested in providing some of the photography, we said yes, and then afterward, wondered for a moment what we were getting ourselves into.  Now, after having completed the project, we can tell you it has been one of the most uplifting and rewarding jobs we’ve worked on.  We have met and photographed some incredibly nice people in some incredibly cool settings.  Good people, with good hearts, doing good things.

Here’s a little info about each of the subjects we photographed:

Kevin Meyers of Flying M Coffee

Kevin Meyers of Flying M

Kevin Meyers and his wife, Lisa, have a roasting operation located at their Flying M Coffee Garage in Nampa.  There, they produce and sell a variety of coffees, including some organically grown.  They use a Diedrich 12-kilo (small batch) drum roaster built in 1995 to roast the beans.  The process takes less time than one would expect and  is fascinating to observe.  Roasting occurs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and they welcome people to come watch.  Flying M Espresso Blend has been served since 1995 at the Boise location and several other locally owned coffee shops and restaurants.

Jimmy Hallyburton and staff of Boise Bicycle Project

Jimmy and staff of BBP

In the words of their mission statement, “Boise Bicycle Project is a community-oriented effort to promote the personal, social and environmental benefits of bicycling.”  Their purpose is to give everyone, regardless of income, access to quality bicycles and bicycle education.  BBP functions as a bicycle recycling center as well as an educational workspace.  They won’t fix a bike for you, but they will teach you how to do it yourself.  The space is incredibly textural with every recycled bike part imaginable grouped together and ingeniously displayed.

Jeff Abrams of Radio Boise

Jeff of Radio Boise

Jeff Abrams, station manager and founder of Radio Boise strives to produce and deliver local voices and music to enhance “Quality of Place” in the Treasure Valley.  The goal of Radio Boise is to 1) strengthen the cultural health of the region, 2) empower citizens by providing a forum for a diversity of viewpoints and ideas, 3) promote awareness of community-based organizations and services, 4) support local artists, musicians, and cultural activities, 5) offer an effective instrument for community development and 6) compliment state and local educational efforts.

Jeff May of Bar Gernika

Jeff of Bar Gernika

Bar Gernika has been a fixture in the Boise community, specifically a part of the Basque Block for over 20 years.  The original owner, Dan Ansogui, passed the torch onto long-time employee Jeff May in 2008.  Jeff has been monumentally instrumental in developing Boise’s beer culture which continues to thrive and grow.

Carlyn Blake and Staff of Usful Glassworks (formerly Sustainable Futures)

Carlyn Blake & staff

Usful Glassworks, formerly Sustainable Futures, creates artisan glassware from used wine, liquor, beer and soda bottles.  Their mission statement reads: “one bottle, one person at a time”.  Second chances are their first priority.  And it’s not just about recycling glass.  It’s also about giving people a chance.  Their products allow them to provide valuable job and vocational training to those in the community who need a little help.  Their job-training participants include offenders, refugees, homeless, and at-risk youth, among others.  You’ll find their glassware in many restaurants throughout the Treasure Valley, including Bittercreek Alehouse and Red Feather.

Mathieu Choux of Gaston’s Bakery

Mathieu of Gastons Bakery

Mathieu Choux, opened Cafe de Paris in 2002.  After a few years, the demand for his baked goods became so great that he created Gaston’s Bakery. Gaston’s uses no additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.  Each product is skillfully made by hand from original recipes crafted by their staff of professional bakers.  They bake in stone deck ovens for a true artisan taste.  More than 10 varieties of bread are created throughout the course of a day.  Many local restaurants within the Treasure Valley feature Gaston’s breads on their menus including Red Feather Lounge and Bittercreek Alehouse.  Above, owner Mathieu Choux checks on his baguettes.

Nate Jones of King’s Crown Organics

Nate of King's Crown Organics

Nate Jones, of King’s Crown Organics, is a third generation Idahoan and has been farming for over 30 years.  He has been a certified organic farmer for over 20 years, growing a variety of crops which are sold at retail stores and markets.  King’s Crown Organics also supplies many of their crops to various restaurants throughout southern and central Idaho including Bittercreek Alehouse and Red Feather. Located in Glenn’s Ferry, King’s Crown Organics is one of Idaho’s Bounty’s producers.

Arlie Sommer of Idaho’s Bounty

Arlie of Idaho's Bounty

Idaho’s Bounty‘s mission is “To develop and promote a local, sustainable food system for the communities of Southern Idaho that ensures safe, consistent, fresh, ethically produced and delivered products direct from their producers.” Idaho’s Bounty strives to serve the growth and long-term health of farmers, ranchers, market gardeners as well as chefs, restaurants, families, and consumers by developing a sustainable local network that supports the promotion and distribution of organic, all-natural and fair trade food.  Idaho’s Bounty electronically links local producer members with consumer members through an internet ordering system.  Farmer members each have a page on Idaho’s Bounty website where they share their stories, and offer products for sale.  Customer members place their orders online.  Idaho’s Bounty manages the weekly collection and delivery of products in three regions: the Wood River Valley, the Treasure Valley and the Magic Valley.  Above Arlie Sommer unloads an order for Bittercreek Alehouse and Red Feather Restaurants.

Clay and Josie Erskine of Peaceful Belly Farms

Clay and Josie of Peaceful Belly Farms

Clay and Josie Erskine’s motto for their Peaceful Belly Farms is “local food for local folks.”  Nestled in the Boise foothills in Dry Creek Valley, the Erskines cultivate 70 acres of ecologically sustainable, urban-certified organic crops and have a CSA program with 160 members.  (CSA stands for community-supported agriculture; a food production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and consumers).  In addition to growing their vegetables free of chemicals, the farm employs cover crops, composting, drip irrigation, companion planting, and chicken pasturing, while abstaining from the use of genetically modified seed. They donate 1,000 lbs of food annually into the local food bank and other outreach programs. The farm also offers classes and workshops on how to grow healthy food and how to cook with fresh local food. And it hosts an on-farm dinner series called Farm to Fork.  Clay and Josie believe in the importance of raising food with love and care. Their entire farm staff functions as a family and they all take pride in bringing sustainable, healthy food to your table.

Mike and Marie Heath of M & M Farms

Mike and Marie Heath

Mike Heath, of M & M Heath Farms, was first introduced to the concept of farming without the use of chemicals when he was working as a conventional farming consultant in Malaysia and the South Pacific.  He was there to advise others about farming, but as it turned out, he was the one who was learned something from them.  Mike utilized the concept when he returned to Idaho and has been farming organically since 1982.  In 1990 M & M Heath Farms was one of the first to receive an Idaho organic certification. Mike states “We went organic and stayed organic because we believe in its health and ecological benefits.” The 500 acres he farms produces more than a dozen potato varieties, a wide range of vegetables and organic beef, pork, chickens and other poultry as well as organic seeds.  Mike and his wife, Marie (hence the name M & M) are pictured above.

Bill Stoltzfus of Cloverleaf Dairy & Creamery

Bill Stoltzfus

Cloverleaf Dairy is part of a small but significant national trend leading away from the highly industrialized dairy model.  Owner Bill Stoltzfus and his wife, Donna, concentrate on  managing a small herd at their farm about 4 miles outside Buhl and bottling the milk for regional distribution at their Creamery in town.  Stoltzfus has been in the dairy business since the early 70’s and is nationally known for his humane dairy practices and his award winning herd of about 80 Holstein cows, all of which have names.  While the dairy isn’t certified organic, they strive to keep everything as natural as possible.  They do not use rBST, (a synthetic growth hormone).  While antibiotics are not usually used, they will administer them if it means saving an animal’s life.  Stoltzfus’ processes his milk at the Creamery, which houses a storefront and a bottling plant.  His whole milk is not separated, and therefore has nothing more done to it other than pasteurizing.  By law he is required to pasteurize and homogenize the separated milk products (2% and skim) and fortify them with vitamins.  The creamery produces and sells whole, 2%,  skim, & chocolate milk, (all in reusable glass bottles), half & half, cream,  butter, and 24 flavors of ice cream.

Leo Ray of Fish Breeders of Idaho, Inc.

Leo Ray with a sturgeion

Leo Ray, owner of Fish Breeders of Idaho settled in Hagerman in 1971 to raise warm water fish, specifically catfish and tilapia.  He utilized the area’s natural geothermal springs, which he considers “a tremendous energy resource.” Over time Ray expanded his operation to include cold water trout and sturgeon. Ray is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and successful fish producers in the country. At his warm water operation, a wooden warehouse with long tanks filled with geothermal water nurse fry for 3 to 4 months.  After that they are moved to the outdoor terraced raceways.  The water cycles through the system and then runs through a rocky brook where it is cooled and filtered before being discharged into the river.  At his cold water facility, the raceways have a total exchange of clean, clear water every five minutes.  No antibiotics or chemicals are used and the fish are given a special diet that is free of any land-based animal protein. Fish Breeders of Idaho’s staff controls the entire process from egg through production to processing, and distribution, assuring their customers the finest quality product.

Ballard Cheese

Tavis Ballard with Jersey cows

The Ballard Family Dairy in Gooding, Idaho started as a dairy with a only few Jersey calves.  As time passed and the herd grew, they decided to expand their operation to include artisan cheeses.  After extensive research, consultation and study, they designed and built a dedicated cheese facility on their farm and in Spring of 2004, created their first batch of cheddar.  Today, all their cheeses are created in small handmade batches to ensure the finest quality and richest taste. From the barn to the table, they control every aspect of production in order to provide their customers with the safest and best tasting product on the market.  Ballard Cheese offers a line of 7 different flavored curds along with 7 varieties of cheese.  Two notable offerings include their award winning Truffle Cheddar and their Golden Greek (halloumi style grilling cheese).

Homestead Natural Foods

Bill Gale, Debbie Wilsey and Stacie Hines

Homestead Natural Foods provides grass-fed beef, pork and chicken that have been raised in natural pasture using sustainable agricultural practices.  They believe an animal’s diet is correctly balanced when they consume natural forages without grains.  Homestead Natural Food’s cattle are born to mother’s milk and raised in green pastures.  Their animals are not given antibiotics, hormones or stimulants allowing them to grow at their natural pace.  Pictured above from left to right are Bill Gale of Mesquite Cattle Company, Debbie Wilsey, of Wilsey Ranch, (both producers for Homestead Natural Foods), and Stacie Hines, Kitchen Manager at Bittercreek Ale House.

Sweet Valley Organics

Chris Florence, Geoff Neyman and Chance Morgan

At Sweet Valley Organics sustainability is their #1 focus and they take that pretty seriously.  They use geothermal hot water to heat their greenhouses in the winter.  They catch rain water, use on-farm sources for composting and worm castings to put as much back into the soil as possible and they and make their own fuel by using oil they retrieve from the restaurants they supply and running it through a biodiesel processor.  SVO is a 100% certified organic family owned farm.  Actually it’s owned by three families headed up by Chris Florence, Chance Morgan, and Geoff Neyman.  In addition to a variety of crops, SVO raises organic chickens.

Bittercreek Alehouse & Red Feather Restaurants Staff

Restaurants Staff
What can I say.  Staff extraordinaire!

Steve and I were honored to have been given the opportunity to photograph this rich group of exceptional human beings.  It was an extraordinary experience meeting these people, learning about what they do, and making some new friends in the process.

Flatbread Opens A New Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Flatbread Neapolitan Restaurant

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria

Flatbread has opened their newest restaurant in Salt Lake City, with a revised look, feel and name:


1044 E 2100 S.

Located in the Sugar House District of the city, the restaurant has done a beautiful job of creating a comfortable and inviting space that has incorporated much of the authentic charm that once encompassed what used to be the Granite Furniture Building. The original floors and ceilings of the building were retained. Reclaimed wood gives character to two of the walls and was also used for the textural table tops.

A view of the restaurant

A view of the restaurant

An overall view of the restaurant at night.

Unique decorative touches include rusty tin letters housing light bulbs that spell out the words Sugar House, and retro light fixtures, some that incorporate Porter H70 Barn Trolleys.

Part of the Sugar House Signage Part of the Sugar House Signage

Barn Trolley light fixture Light Fixture Light fixtures

Roomy, tufted booths will accommodate groups of up to six and sometimes more.

Tufted booths

Garage door roll-ups will open the restaurant to the outdoor patio once the weather gets nice.

A fish eye view of the restaurant.

The new name better identifies what the restaurant does best: VPN Certified Neapolitan Pizza.

Quatro Stagioni Pizza (Certified VPN)

Above: The Quatro Stagione Pizza (Certified VPN)

You might wonder just what exactly it means to be VPN certified pizza.

The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) organization of Naples was created to maintain and cultivate the authenticity and tradition of Neapolitan pizza.  In order for a restaurant to be VPN certified, it must strictly adhere to the mandated regulations for creating pizza set forth by the VPN. The pizza must be cooked in an Italian made wood-fired dome oven at roughly 900˚ F and only the finest, fresh, all natural ingredients imported from Naples and surrounding areas are acceptable. As required by the VPN, Flatbread uses Caputo Tipo “OO” flour, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella (only bufala mozzarella which is made from water buffalo milk or dior di latte which is made from cow’s milk is permitted), fresh basil, fresh yeast and purified water. The dough is hand kneaded and shaped and then cooked for approximately 90 seconds in a wood-fired oven. In keeping with tradition, authentic Neapolitan pizzas are served whole so you can eat it like the Italian’s with a knife and fork or folded over.

Wood-Fired Brick Oven

The restaurant boasts a full bar including local craft beers, wines and spirits along with a broad menu including appetizers, flatbreads, and fresh salads.

Patrons enjoying drinks

Wedge Salad

Wedge Salad


Antipasta Paddle


Fontina Fonduta

Pot Roast and Potato Flatbread

Pot Roast and Potato Flatbread

“Pick Two” is a popular lunch option where patrons can choose virtually any two items on the menu.

Soup & Salad

The “Pick Two” pairing above includes Chicken Apple Walnut Salad and Tomato Basil Soup.

Butterscotch Budino Dessert

The Butterscotch Budino, made with house-made caramel and sea salt is a must have dessert!

The restaurant caters to just about everyone, including families with their “Make your own pizza” offering.  Kids can create their very own pizzas, and then watch them bake in the impressive Marra Forni brick wood-fired oven imported from Italy.

Flatbread's "Make Your Own Pizza" Paddle

Above: The “make your own pizza” paddle, complete with dough, sauce, cheese and in this case, pepperoni.

A family enjoys a meal together at Flatbread A family enjoys a meal together at Flatbread

A family watches as their pizzas are put into the oven

Young boy eating pizza Young girl eating pizza

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria is a perfect place for business lunches, special occasions or just hanging out.

A business man & woman having lunch

A group of people celebrating

Young adults enjoying dinner

At the time of Steve and I executed this photo shoot, the restaurant had been opened only a month.  We were told Sunday would be a slow day.  Not so.  There was rarely an open table the entire day or night.  That speaks volumes for the popularity of the restaurant.  The good news is they take reservations – for any size party!  Call them directly at (801) 467-2180, or make your reservation through Open Table.  Hours are Mon-Thurs: 11-10, Fri-Sat: 11-11, and Sunday 12-9.

Kudos to Rob and Lisa Lumsden for a job well done in all regards.   With an inviting ambiance,  great food and attentive service, the new Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria has already become a “hot spot” and is destined for continued success. Bravo!



Backcountry fly in? I want a Kodiak

I swore after the last time I flew on an overloaded single engine plane out of the Sawtooths–never again.  I hated it when the pilot cursed that he didn’t have enough power to get high enough to find a hole in the weather. I gulped, prayed, and wished I’d shown better judgment.   Things would’ve been much less sketchy in one of these high-juiced, room-to-spare Quest Kodiaks with a Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics Suite.

single engine plane cockpit

According to Boise-based Rocky Mountain Kodiak Sales:

“The KODIAK can take off in under 1,000 feet at full gross weight and climb at over 1,300 feet per minute. The robust landing gear and 19” prop clearance allow the KODIAK to easily handle unimproved airstrips. Designed for floats and amphibs, it is capable of operating off floats without structural upgrades. A 3-panel Garmin G1000 integrated avionics suite including Synthetic Vision Technology is standard equipment on the KODIAK.
A wide range of options are available such as the external cargo compartment, TKS ice protection, Stormscope, and even a jump package. Customers can choose from three interior packages and additional cabin accessories, making the KODIAK perfect as a workhorse or a comfortable passenger transport.”

Quest Kodiak nose cone 4 bladed prop

nice that Quest Aircraft is an Idaho company with manufacturing facilities in Sandpoint.

Quest Kodiak

Robust landing gear for backcountry strips

Quest Kodiak 4-bladed prop

Cargo space?  room for a 10’4″ SUP board or any combination of up to 8 passenger seats plus gear.   Optional exterior belly-mounted cargo pod available.

I’m liking the red, but I hear you can get any color you like

plane reflected in sunglasses

Beefy Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 generates 750 hp

Engine compartment of Quest Kodiak


4-bladed Kodiak prop

thumbs-up from pilot

Allen Hoyt, Principal of Rocky Mountain Kodiak Sales, as 30+ years piloting experience.  I’m ready to go;  take us up, Allen!

Thanks for a great shoot with talented folks: Jeane Gadd at Steve Smith Photography, Ron Baker at Rizen Creative, Allen, Alexis, Jess Hoyt, and Jon Curry at Rocky Mountain Kodiak Sales


Alavita Sign

ALAVITA restaurant (“An Italian Joint”) opened to the public on Monday, January 21, 2013. This, the second epicurean endeavor by Cameron Lumsden, owner and operator of Fork, is sure to become another Boise favorite. Located at 807 W. Idaho Street, it is just around the corner from the front door of Fork.

Upon entering the restaurant it is blazingly evident Cameron and his wife Amanda put a lot of thought and creativity into the layout and design of the interior. It is an eclectic mix of colors, textures, and patterns.

Texture on walls of bar at ALAVITA Red Brick Wall at ALAVITA Flocked fern patterned wallpaper at ALAVITA Painted logs hanging from the ceiling at ALAVITA

The furnishings intertwine a unique mix of old and new.

Crystal chandeliers at ALAVITA Granite bar top and bar stools at ALAVITA Light fixture at ALAVITA

Almost surprisingly, the variety of contrasting elements create an inviting environment and a warm, comfortable ambiance.

A panorama view of the interior of ALAVITA

ALAVITA restaurant

Place setting at ALAVITA

ALAVITA is an Italian restaurant, but don’t expect to find pizza here. (Cameron’s leaving that to his brother, Rob, who owns and operates the Flatbread Community Oven restaurants.)

Gnocchi by Dante at ALAVITA Making homemade spaghetti at ALAVITA Homemade pasta being made at ALAVITA Pasta machine at ALAVITA Dante creating Gnocchi at ALAVITA

Housemade pasta is king at this place, though you’ll find the other offerings equally regal.

Pasta from ALAVITA Shrimp at ALAVITA

Veal Chop over Polenta at ALAVITA Pasta dish from ALAVITA

The restaurant has a full bar with a few notable libations including an oak barrel aged whisky (for their signature Manhattan) and their very own specialty cocktail served in a custom made bottle.

Oak Barrel at ALAVITA ALAVITA's specialty cocktail Bottles of wine at ALAVITA

Their well trained staff is dedicated to ensuring patrons enjoy great food and service.

" An Italian Joint" employee (ALAVITA) Kitchen staff at ALAVITA Food Prep at ALAVITA

The restaurant hosted a soft opening on Saturday and judging from the happy faces of the people we photographed, it was a huge success!

Jennie Weltner at ALAVITA's soft opening Guests toasting at the soft opening of ALAVITA Guest at the soft opening of ALAVITA At the soft opening of ALAVITA

Guests at the soft opening of ALAVITA Guests at the soft opening of ALAVITA

Guests at the soft opening of ALAVITA Guests toast at the soft opening of ALAVITA

Guests at the soft opening of ALAVITA Guests at the soft opening of ALAVITA

Guests at the soft opening of ALAVITA Guests at the soft opening of ALAVITA

Cameron Lumsden and his Mom at the soft opening of ALAVITA

Steve and I would like to offer our heartiest congratulations and thanks to Cameron and Amanda.  ALAVITA is a most welcome addition to the Boise culinary collection of eateries.  We wish you great success!


Guests toast at the soft opening of ALAVITA


Steve and I had the distinct pleasure of spending two days doing the photography for  the 2012-13 Season Program for Ballet Idaho.

It was a wonderful experience.  The strength, grace and flexibility of the dancers’ was amazing.  And everyone involved was so incredibly nice.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love my job!

On set, we had Artistic Director, Peter Anastos, Balletmaster, Alex Ossadnik, Marketing Director (and our go-to, do everything girl), Kim Kaine, overseeing the process.  (The production still below was taken by our intern, Liz Garcia.)

On set at the Ballet Idaho shoot.

Our first day of shooting started with Adrienne Kerr performing dance moves from the ballet, Don Quixote.

Adrienne Kerr performs a leap.

She was then partnered with principal daner, Ryan Jolicoeur-Nye.

Ryan then performed a few moves for us solo.

Ryan leaps.

Principal dancer, Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti was our next subject, performing Carmen.

Phyllis Affrunti strikes a pose.

Phyllis Affrunti dances.

As Steve photographed, Phyllis, I worked on transforming Adrienne Kerr into the Black Swan for the Swan Lake scenes.

Jeane doing make-up on Adrienne.

Ashley Hartigan observed the process.

Ahsley Hartigan observes.

Voila, The Black Swan.

Adrienne Kerr as the Black Swan.

We began the Swan Lake scenes with Ashley Hartigan, as the White Swan.

Ashley Hartigan as the White Swan

Adrienne Kerr then performed solo as the Black Swan.

Adrienne Kerr as the Black Swan. Adrienne Kerr as the Black Swan.

Ryan Jolicoeur-Nye joined Adrienne on set.

Ryan and Adrienne dance Swan Lake.

Adrienne and Ryan dance Swan Lake.

We were stunned by Adrienne’s strength and flexibility to be able to get this leg extension.

Ryan and Adrienne dance Swan Lake.

Adrienne & Ryan perform Swan Lake.

White Swan, Ashley Hartigan traded places with Adrienne and posed with Ryan.

Ryan Jolicoeur-Nye and Ashley Harticort dance Swan Lake. Ryan and Ashley dance Swan Lake

Ashley and Ryan dance Swan Lake.

Ashley and Ryan perform Swan Lake. Ashley and Ryan perform Swan Lake.

Ashley and Ryan perform Swan Lake.

We were amazed how long Ashley was able to hold her leg in this position pictured below seemingly without any strain.

Ryan and Ashley perform Swan Lake.

Artistic Director, Peter Anastos observed the two dance.  (Production still taken by Liz Garcia.)

Peter observed Ryan and Ashley.

The final combination of the Swan Lake scenes was with the Black Swan (Adrienne Kerr) and the White Swan (Ashley Harticort).

Before getting serious the two ladies had a little rivalry fun on set.  POW!

Adrienne hams with Ashley.

Can we say Charlie’s Angels?

Adrienne and Ashley.

Everyone got a good laugh reviewing those shots on the computer.

The cast and crew check out the images.

After having their fun, Adrienne and Ashley got serious.

Adrienne and Ashley pose as Swans. Adrienne and Ashley pose as Swans.

Our second day of shooting started off with scenes from The Nutcracker. (Below, Sheridan, Holly, Sunny, Paris, Mari & D. J.)

Girls perform the Nutcracker.

The girls jumping.

D.J. D.J. dances.

Scenes from Sweet Dreams followed.  We began by photographing Jessica Sulikowski solo.

Jessica dances Sweet Dreams.

She was joined by Nathan Powell.

Jessica and Nathan perform Sweet Dreams.

Then we photographed Nathan alone.

Nathan dancing Sweet Dreams.

Nathan performs Sweet Dreams.

Nathan was later joined by Angela Napier.

Angela and Nathan perform Sweet Dreams.

Angela and Nathan perform Sweet Dreams.

Angela and Nathan perform Sweet Dreams.

Angela and Nathan perform Sweet Dreams.

Following that, we photographed scenes from the ballet Serenade.  Our dancers included (from left to right) Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti, Ashley Hartigan, Elizabeth Herrmann-Barreto and Monique Betty.

Female dancers perform Serenade.

Female dancers perform Serenade.

Female dancers perform Serenade.

Female dancers perform Serenade.

Graham Gobeille took the stage to performing some amazing leaps from The Nutcracker.  Can you believe the height he attained here?

Graham leaps.

Scenes from La Danseur came next.  Pictured below are James Broughen (lying on floor), Graham Gobeille (in semi handstand), and Andrew Taft (crouching).

3 male dancers perform Le Danseur.

Below, John Frazer joins the group (far left).

The final scene we photographed of Le Danseur included (from L to R) James Broughen, Graham Gobeille, and John Frazer.

Three men perform Le Danseur.

We finished our day photographing John Frazer performing some amazing leaps.

John Frazer leaping.

John Frazer leaping.

We hope you agree that from the looks of these photos, it would appear that Ballet Idaho is going to have a very impressive line-up of fabulous productions, featuring some incredibly talented dancers.  And to top it all off, ALL of the ballets will be presented at the Velma Morrison Center for the Performing Arts.  We hope to see you there!

I have to say this photo shoot ranked extremely high as one of our all time favorites.  Everyone was incredible, not only personality wise, but also the level of talent.  Thanks to all of you for your contributions in making this a very successful shoot.